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Evidence-based practice is a process used to review, analyze, and translate the latest scientific evidence.  Not every decision and treatment option in joint replacement surgery has strong scientific evidence behind it, but medical providers have an obligation to evaluate the available evidence on every treatment offered.  When treatments lack convincing evidence for safety or efficacy, we have an obligation to disclose this to our patients.

It can be difficult for medical providers and patients to determine if available information on treatments and devices is marketing or science.  One of our jobs is to help you decipher this information.  As an academic institution, we take pride in providing treatments that are supported by science.  Our goal is to be transparent with patients about the expected results of any treatment we provide.  We make a concerted effort to participate in research and follow the latest research and guidelines to guide our practices.  We are happy to discuss our view on available evidence for any treatment.  The following article is also interesting regarding using trusted sources to aid in making your healthcare decisions.  We would like to be a trusted source for you.

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