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We are leaders in patient education.  It is a cornerstone of quality joint replacement surgery.

Most patients want to understand what is happening with joint replacement surgery and how to maximize their outcomes.  Research has consistently shown that patient education decreases patient anxiety, lowers the cost of care, and improves outcomes.  This is a low-risk, high-reward endeavor for anyone having joint replacement surgery.

Over the last several years, Dr. Koonce has been on a mission to educate patients about joint replacement surgery.  When patients know what to expect and participate in their own recovery, we see differences in satisfaction and outcomes.  He co-founded a company called OrthoSkool for the purpose of creating and distributing patient education via books and online courses.  These customized courses are available to doctors, hospitals, and surgery centers to get their patients ready for surgery.  All of Dr. Koonce's patients are provided an online OrthoSkool course to prepare for joint replacement surgery.  

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Check out the OrthoSkool website!



Learn the basics of what happens during hip and knee replacement surgery by clicking on each video.


Minimally-invasive direct anterior hip replacement


Total knee replacement

Design Book


Every patient that is evaluated for a joint replacement with us gets a complimentary copy of our hip or knee replacement book to start them on their joint replacement journey.  Check them out on Amazon by clicking below:

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