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We are experts in diagnosing hip pain.  If you think you have a hip problem, let us help you diagnose and treat it.

Hip Arthritis

Hip arthritis is our specialty.  "Arthritis" means "inflamed joint."  Inflamed joints cause pain.  This occurs when the cartilage inside the joint is worn over time.  We offer treatments for osteoarthritis, inflammatory arthritis, and post-traumatic arthritis of the hip.

Hip OA.png


Osteonecrosis (also called "avascular necrosis") is a painful condition that develops when the blood supply the head of the femur is disrupted.  We treat adult patients of all ages with osteonecrosis.

Film X-ray hip radiograph show femoral h

Labral Tear

The labrum is a lip of fibrocartilage that surrounds the hip joint.  Arthritis and labral tears can occur separately or together, and the treatment depends on many factors.  Let us guide you toward your best treatment options.

labral tear_edited.png

Hip Bursitis

A bursa is a thin sac that is near many joints in the body.  When this sac is inflamed, we call it "bursitis."  We offer injections and therapy to treat your pain.

Hip pain, woman suffering from osteoarth

Failed Hip Replacement

As experts in hip replacement surgery, we commonly see patients that have pain or other problems with a prior hip replacement.  If you are dissatisfied with your hip replacement or are concerned you have a problem, book an appointment for a second opinion with us.

Doctor looking at total hip replacement

Low Back Issues

The lower back commonly causes pain in the region around the hip.  We can help you determine if your back is causing hip pain, and you have access to our network of outstanding spine specialists if you have a back problem.

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