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We use ultrasound-guided techniques to enhance the safety and effectiveness of our injections.

Injections serve two purposes in our practice.  First, they often provide significant relief of pain in and around the hip joint.  Secondly, they can be a great diagnostic tool to determine the source of pain. 


Our physician assistants Jordyn Roddy, PA-C and Allan Schmelzel, PA-C are certified in ultrasound-guided joint injections and have provided relief to hundreds of patients with these procedures.

Confused about whether joint injections are safe and effective?  You aren't alone.   The radio, TV, and Internet are full of advertisements about joint injections, many of which lack scientific evidence as effective solutions for pain.  Let us help navigate this complex subject.  We offer only evidence-based treatments and will help you decide which are best for you and your condition.

Ultrasound of woman's hip joint - diagnosis.jpg
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