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We are true specialists in hip replacement surgery.  This is what we do.

Hip replacement is major surgery, and it's the only hip surgery that we perform.  Dr. Koonce and his team at the University of Colorado bring fellowship training, evidence-based practices, minimally invasive techniques, state-of the art equipment, joint replacement research, personalized care, and the experience of thousands of hip replacement surgeries to every patient who takes on this life-changing procedure.  Check out all that we offer below:

Minimally-Invasive Anterior Approach

We perform all hip replacement surgeries using the minimally-invasive direct anterior approach.  Compared to other approaches, this allows for a smaller incision, faster recovery, and lower complication rates.

anterior hip incision

Computer-Assisted Surgery

We utilize computer software in the operating room to assist with surgery.  This helps ensure we have accurate component positioning, hip stability, and equal leg lengths. 

Man using tablet pc against medical interface on xray.jpg

Outpatient Hip Replacements

For patients who qualify, we offer same-day discharge from the hospital after hip replacement surgery.  Dr. Koonce has been a leader in outpatient joint replacement for more than 5 years.  When executed properly, outpatient joint replacement is safe and effective.

Outpatient Sign over a Hospital Outpatie

Revision Hip Replacements

Modern hip replacements last 20+ years, so eventually, they wear out or have problems.  We have the tools to diagnose and treat painful or failed hip replacements, including revision surgery.

different hip stems.jpeg

Preoperative Templating

Superior outcomes start with superior planning.  We use digital preoperative templating so that we have a good idea what your hip replacement will look like before we enter the operating room.

Screenshot 2022-06-19 104006_edited.jpg

Rapid Recovery Hip Replacements

Patients do better after joint replacement surgery when they are up and moving.  Through advances in techniques and medications, most patients are walking on the day of surgery and back to their normal routine quickly.


Reproducible Outcomes

Patient-centered protocols and procedures ensure reproducible results. Our joint replacement pathways were developed to maximize quality while accounting for unique characteristics of each patient.

Results - arrows with text and female hand with chalk - outcome and summary_edited.jpg

Hip Fracture Surgery

At Highlands Ranch Hospital, we regularly treat hip fractures of all types, often with a hip replacement procedure.  Our goal is to get patients back to walking and activities as quickly as possible.

Film X-ray hip radiograph show broken hi
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