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We are true specialists in knee replacement surgery.  This is what we do.

Knee replacement is major surgery, and it's the only knee surgery that we perform.  Dr. Koonce and his team at the University of Colorado bring fellowship training, evidence-based practices, minimally invasive techniques, state-of the art equipment, joint replacement research, personalized care, and the experience of thousands of knee replacement surgeries to every patient who takes on this life-changing procedure.  Check out all that we offer below:

Reproducible Outcomes

Patient-centered protocols and procedures ensure reproducible results. Our joint replacement pathways were developed to maximize quality while accounting for unique characteristics of each patient.

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Outpatient Knee Replacements

For patients who qualify, we offer same-day discharge from the hospital after knee replacement surgery.  Dr. Koonce has been a leader in outpatient joint replacement for more than 5 years.  When executed properly, outpatient joint replacement is safe and effective.

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Evidence-Based Practices

If there is a technology or technique that has proved to be beneficial to patients in research studies, we use it for knee replacements.  We follow the latest research carefully, and we don't use gimmicks or unproven technologies.   


Rapid Recovery Knee Replacements

Patients do better after joint replacement surgery when they are up and moving.  Through advances in techniques and medications, most patients are walking on the day of surgery and back to their normal routine quickly.


Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement

We utilize Velys™ Robotic Assisted Solution for knee replacements.  This state-of-the-art technology helps the surgeon evaluate the damaged knee and provides data to achieve more accurate bone cuts and more consistent outcomes.


Revision Knee Replacements

Modern knee replacements last 20+ years, so eventually, they wear out or have problems.  We have the tools to diagnose and treat painful or failed knee  replacements, including revision surgery.

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